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Kendra L Conyers is a native of Fayetteville, NC where she attended E. E. Smith High School. She is an NC Real Estate Broker and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Kendra holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family.

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As a teen, Kendra had some rough years on a search to find herself, her purpose and her identity. Kendra’s first time being suspended from school was in the 6th grade and from there, suspensions were quite frequent throughout high school. Kendra has been arrested on three different occasions, two of which were directly correlated with her inability to properly channel her anger. Fortunately, her mom was able to talk officers into not taking her to jail.  


Unfortunately, the last arrest was the most pivotal time in Kendra’s life. God needed to get her attention. Kendra was the type of teen that did what she felt and reacted off of those temporary feelings. Most times, the behavioral issues stemmed from inner anger which led to many fights. Being hot-headed mixed with underaged drinking in clubs or parties only added fuel to the already burning fire.


In 2006, at the age of 16 years old, Kendra found herself surrounded by police cars with red and blue flashing lights. She was placed under arrest after fleeing the scene where she nearly killed a girl, she ran over on accident in a rush to leave a party. She was charged with 5 felony counts each holding a hefty sentencing. In her heart, Kendra knew that it was truly an accident. Despite what people thought of her, deep down amongst the layers of life’s circumstances was just a lost girl that needed some guidance. After a year and a half of trial, after exhausting all resources, after friends didn’t show up to testify on her behalf, after hope was gone and she was willing to take a plea deal; GRACE showed up in the courtroom on Kendra’s behalf. She was acquitted of all charges.



Kendra went on to graduate top 10% of her high school class, she went to college and graduated in 3 years earning a bachelor’s degree. Kendra left her hometown and moved to Los Angeles, CA where she competed in MISS California 2013 pageant as well as appeared on many TV shows. Four years later, Kendra moved to Atlanta, GA where she worked as a liaison for the department of the mayor for 4 years. In 2016, Kendra founded Girls of Grace Foundation, Inc and taught weekly classes to teen girls on Fridays in Clayton County. Now, Kendra has returned to the city where it all began to make a difference.

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